Documents Required for Renting a Car in Dubai

Documents Required for Renting a Car in Dubai

A Comprehensive Guide: Documents Required for Renting a Car in Dubai

Planning to explore Dubai at your own pace? Renting a car is the way to go! Before you start your adventure, it’s important to know what documents you need. Our simple guide makes it easy, ensuring a smooth experience as you discover the city’s beauty and vast landscapes. Rent a car in Dubai, enjoy the freedom to explore on your terms, and make the most of your journey.

Rental Requirements For Renting a Car in Dubai:

Ensure a stress-free car rental experience in Dubai by meeting requirements. Valid licence, passport, visa, and Emirates ID are essential. Familiarize yourself with rental terms and enjoy a seamless journey with Kor Rent a Car

Driving License and Age Requirements

Ensure you possess a valid driving license. International visitors can use their home country’s license or an International Driving Permit (IDP). Be mindful of age restrictions imposed by rental companies.

Documentation: Passport, Visa, and Emirates ID

To begin the rental process, present your passport, a valid visa, and the Emirates ID. These documents establish your identity and legal status in the country.

Rental Agreement: Understanding the Terms

Before signing any agreement, thoroughly read and comprehend the terms and conditions. Be aware of the rental period, mileage limits, and potential additional charges.

Insurance Coverage: Types Available

Insurance is crucial. Explore options like Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Third-Party Liability, and Personal Accident Insurance. Understand the coverage to avoid unexpected expenses.

Car Selection: Tips for Choosing the Right Car

Consider your visit’s purpose and passenger count. Choose a car that suits your needs and ensures a comfortable travel experience.

Additional Services: GPS, Child Seats, and Wi-Fi

Rental companies offer extras like GPS, child seats, and Wi-Fi for a smoother journey.

Fuel Policies: Understanding Charges

Different companies have varied fuel policies. Understand whether you get a full tank and return it full or pay for the fuel you use.

Payment Methods: Credit Cards and Deposits

Most prefer credit cards and may require a security deposit. Ensure your card has sufficient funds and inquire about the refund process.

Traffic Rules: Familiarizing with Dubai’s Driving Rules

Dubai has specific traffic rules. Familiarise yourself for a safe driving experience.

Maintenance Guidelines: Responsibilities as a Renter

Adhere to maintenance guidelines while the car is in your possession. Report issues promptly and return the car in its received condition.

Emergency Procedures: Breakdown or Accident

In case of issues, contact the rental company immediately and follow their instructions. Most provide roadside assistance.

Customer Reviews: Checking Rental Companies

Check online reviews before finalizing your rental. Real experiences from customers offer valuable insights.

Rent from Kor Rent a Car

Choose Kor Rent a Car for a hassle-free experience in Dubai. With well-kept cars and great service, your journey becomes smooth and enjoyable. Book with confidence and explore the city comfortably. Make your trip memorable with Kor Rent a Car!


What do you need to rent a car in Dubai?
To rent a car in Dubai, you typically need a valid driving license, passport, and a credit card for the security deposit. Additional documents may be required depending on the rental company.

Do I need an international driving license to rent a car in Dubai?
Yes, an international driving license is usually required for renting a car in Dubai, along with your original driving license from your home country.

How much is the deposit to rent a car in Dubai?
The deposit for renting a car in Dubai varies, but it’s commonly around 1000 AED to 3000 AED, depending on the type of car and the rental company.

Can a tourist rent and drive a car in Dubai?
Yes, tourists can rent and drive a car in Dubai. They need a valid international driving license, passport, and must meet the age requirements set by the rental company.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy a car in Dubai?
Generally, renting a car in dubai is more cost-effective for short-term stays, while buying may be economical for longer periods. Factors like insurance, maintenance, and depreciation should be considered when making the decision.


Renting a car in Dubai opens the door to a hassle-free adventure. Just ensure you’ve got the necessary documents, understand the rental rules, and keep some handy tips in mind. Opting for a reliable company like Kor Rent a Car adds an extra layer of ease with transparent costs, numerous car options, and helpful support. With all this at your fingertips, get ready for a fantastic journey through Dubai’s lively streets. Fasten your seatbelt and explore this amazing city at your own pace! Safe travels!

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